Review: Library Wars volumes 1-4 by Kiiro Yumi

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Not long into the future, Japan’s government passes a Media Betterment Act which allows them to confiscate books that they deem unsuitable. The Library Freedom act allows libraries to halt the confiscation of books and allow the public to read whatever they want.


Iku Kasahara, the main character has dreamed of joining the Library Forces ever since her ‘prince’ stops a raid and allows her to keep the book. It isn’t easy for her at first but she slowly starts to show promise though she often runs head long into situations she is absolutely determined to do her absolute best to allow the public access to their books.


The first volume was slow and somewhat boring but as it was setting the scene for the future volumes it wasn’t all too bad. As the volumes progress and we see more and more into Iku’s personality and history as well as the other characters it starts to become more interesting. At times, especially towards the beginning it seems that Kasahara is rather perfect and even when she does bad she doesn’t get in trouble. It has the typical teacher that cares but pushes her hard, the perfect boy who likes her but is frustrated with her nonetheless.


Still, I’m interested to see where it goes and if Kasahara stops making herserlf seem like a fool as often as she does so far in the series.