Review: The Mysterious at Styles by Agatha Christie


I’ve always been a fan of mysteries and enjoyed the few episodes of Agatha Christie mysteries that I’d seen in the past. Having the opportunity to pick up the very first Poirot mystery was a brilliant opportunity that I didn’t hesitate in taking advantage of and something I wasn’t disappointed about at all. Poirot was fun, was excitable and made me laugh. I constantly wanted to the story to speed up so I could know exactly what he was thinking. It wasn’t just that which was interesting, it was well everything about the story that pulled me in.

It is very easy, listening to this book to see why Christie is still such a renowned and popular writer nearly a century later. The twists and turns were well executed and I at least didn’t see the end coming for which I’m grateful for. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series too before starting in on the Miss Marple ones.