Review: Murder at Hatfield House & Murder at Westminister Abbey by Amanda Carmack

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Read: 21 – 25 June so apologies for how vague these reviews are. Playing catch up. I was also rather doped up on pain medication having had my wisdom teeth out.

I picked up these two books to read from work based on their titles alone. I don’t regret it. Of course I rarely regret reading anything with Elizabeth I in it so… They weren’t the most literature based books but they were enjoyable.

They were quick reads, fast paced but full of action and excitement. The main characters were a Musican (both fictional) in Elizabeth’s household who gets caught up in the murder mysteries and has to solve them. Surprisingly with these stories the end wasn’t actually predictable (at least too me) for which I was thankful for.

Elizabeth unlike some of the novels appeared to be accurate personality wise (not that we really know but what we know of her it is a reasonable conclusion to make) and Kate (the musician) was an interesting character who had her flaws which was good. The descriptions were interesting but not too drawn out which was nice. All in all it they were good and enjoyable books.

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