Review: Julius and the Watchmaker by Tim Hehir

jwatchmakerPlease note this was read in April 2016. I just found this review in my drafts so decicded I should publish it.

A lost diary
A spinning pocketwatch
A gentleman wielding a deadly walking cane
And a boy who’s about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime

When Julius Higgins isn’t running from Crimper McCready and his gang of bullies he’s working in his grandfather’s bookshop in Ironmonger Lane.
Until Jack Springheel, a mysterious clock collector, turns up looking for the fabled diary of John Harrison—the greatest watchmaker of all time.
Before he knows it, Julius becomes a thief and a runaway and makes a deal with Springheel that he will live to regret. And all before he finds out that Harrison’s diary is really an instruction manual for making a time machine


Julius & The Watchmaker is a kids book. It was written for children, the writing is basic and the plot straight forward – mostly. Despite that the book was fun. Julius is a young boy, bullied, living with his grandfather and working at a bookstore when he stumbled upon the diary. Which someone wants to buy. Julius somehow ends up getting involved in the mystery of the diary, kidnapped and on the run trying to find out what secrets the diary holds.

From running through different worlds and times, to fighting for his life, Julius doesn’t have things easy. Despite that he keeps on going determined not only to get home but to fix things.

Julius & The Watchmaker is a fun adventure book that inspires you to do the right thing. It’s fun, it’s full of adventure and a book that makes you cheer for the good guys while constantly wondering what is going to happen next because you won’t be able to guess!

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