Review: From Potter’s Field by Patricia Cornwell


In From Potter’s Field, #1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell enters the chilling world of Virginia’s Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta—and a bold, brilliant killer from her past. Upon examining a dead woman found in snowbound Central Park, Scarpetta immediately recognizes the grisly work of Temple Brooks Gault. She soon realizes that Gault’s murders are but a violent chain leading up to one ultimate kill—Scarpetta herself.

From Potter’s Field is the 6th Kay Scarpetta novel, one that I original read years ago but picked up again recently when the library was throwing out the audio book. I took the opportunity to grab it among the other audio books that were available at the time. Kay Scarpetta, Cheif Medical Officer for Virginia, is back along with her niece Lucy and Benton Wesley her FBI co-worker and person she is having an affair with. So’s Temple Gault who is described as one of the worst serial killers ever. Problem? He’s bad, he has killed a lot of people but compared to some of the serial killers that we’ve actually experienced over the history of Earth what he does doesn’t actually seem that bad. Though, he does stalk and threaten all those who Scarpetta holds dear to herself. I’m not saying he isn’t bad, far from it, Gault is sadistic and isn’t all there as we learn through the book as we discover the identity of his latest victim and what happened during his childhood. He’s sadistic, he loves causing people pain but he isn’t violentcompared to some of the others. Still, Scarpetta is determined to catch him once and for all and is flying all over America in a space of the two weeks that the book takes place in. She goes to Washington a number of times, New York at least twice and a few other places. Except the place where she really should and wants to be, Miami with her mother and niece celebrating Christmas. I thought this was rather over the top, a lot she could do over the phone and half the trips seemed that she would turn up, discuss something or find something out and then turn around and head somewhere else. Not sure why she did all of them but I guess that’s why I didn’t writhe the books? The book is fast paced, not that well written and somewhat predictable in places but still fun if you like that sort of book.

★ ★/5

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