Review: Cosplay: The Fantasy World of Role Play by Lauren Orsini


Cosplay is a growing phenomenon across the world, though still centred in Asia. It is generally agreed to have originated from fan events in Japan. Cosplay is a term that merges the words “costume” and “play”. Most wearers make their costumes themselves and they take great pride in showing off their skill with complex and intricate get-ups. They are usually worn to attend events or conventions, with the wearer assuming the character of their costume. Cosplay costumes are beginning to have a wider influence – for example, Cosplay is influencing street fashions in Japan. As the twenty-first century art of dressing up, Cosplay enables you to adopt the persona of your favourite character or hero from manga or anime, or your most loved comic book, video game or sci-fi film. Mixing fantasy with creativity, it is all about the fun of role-playing your ultimate hero or heroine. Cosplay – The Fantasy World of Role Play is a celebration of this unique cultural expression and features page after page of glorious characters in their amazing costumes, from all around the world. Cosplay – The Fantasy World of Role Play also traces the various trends and genres within Cosplay and explores its origins and history as well as the cultural differences between how Cosplay is experienced in Japan, America and Europe

For those who don’t know. I work (casually) at a Public Library. One of my co-workers told me about this book thinking that I would like it and I did. It’s more of a coffee table book than anything but it is interesting. It gives a detailed account of the history of Cosplay which is actually quite fascinating. Did you know it originated in the 1940s?

Despite that the book was broken down into ‘types’ of Cosplay – Anima, Books, Original, Movies etc with pictures and small blurbs. Quick read, just a book to flip through but full of interesting information and ideas especially for someone such as I who, while going to conventions doesn’t really do the Cosplay thing (to much time and effort for me atm! And money.)

Still certainly an interesting book to flip through.

★★★ /5

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