Book Review: Possibilities by Nicole Field

Possibilities by Nicole Field The king is dead. The heir is missing. All Ernest wants is to be left alone, but it looks as though instead he’s going to be crowned king—and forced into a loveless marriage, to a person picked from a list of suitable candidates.

Drel is hoping for the life that being royal jester can offer—security, protection, even if that all comes at the sufferance of the king’s pleasure. But first Drel must please that king and be granted the job, and King Ernest is not what remotely what Drel expected.

For my book challenge I had to read a novella and this immediately came to my mind. I’ve known Nicole for years and while this is (unfortunately) the first one of her books I’ve actually read it isn’t something I regret at all. Coming in at 18k words, it’s very much a short easy read but at the same time so full of amazing world development and character building. So much that I hope she does or has returned to this world so I can learn more of it.

Perhaps it is because I felt such a connection to both Ernest and Drel, from Ernest’s anxiety and desire to remain out of the spotlight but to still be a good person, to the fact that Drel wants to be the best that she can be and to their genderfluidness (I’m nowhere near as prominent as her) it is still something I felt struck a cord with me.

For a short novella, it is very well written though as I said above I want more of this world. It teases us with all the wonderful possibilities that are out their for this world. Nicole has done a wonderful job at writing Drel in a way that is respectful to those who are genderfluid, which is unfortunately not something you see much of in literature.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more of Nicole’s work when I have the chance to do so.


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