App Review: Forest

Forest App: Stay focused, be present

I was recently introduced to this app by a friend of mine on Facebook. I hadn’t tried any other productivity app or browser add-on before though like many of us I probably should have especially with how easily distracted I become, jumping from one thing to another.  You have the ability to whitelist & blacklists sites you’re not allowed on for periods of time. You can also remove it if need be. For example, I usually have Youtube blacklisted but as I sometimes do captions of Youtube videos I will whitelist it for the period of time that I’m doing the captions and then will add them back to the blacklist.

Unlike other NetNanny type programs, it doesn’t block the site. How does it work then? When you active the app or add-on on your computer, it will grow a tree. For each tree, you grow successfully you will earn in-app coins. Once you reach 2,500 coins you can plan an actual tree. The app works with Trees for the Future currently to improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. So far they have planted more than 127 million trees world wild since 1989.

If you visit a blacklisted site while your tree is growing/close the app your tree will die and you won’t earn the coins to go towards the planting of a real tree.

Knowing that by being productive and using the app that I’m helping the forests of the world survive is a great motivator.

I definitely recommend this add-on/app as a must have. It’s available in the app store for Apple & Android as well as add-on for Firefox and Chrome.

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